Olav Kleveland


- International Leadership
- Covid Leadership
- Strategic Leadership
- Analytical & Data Driven
- Communication Skills
- Creativity
- Process, Systems & People Interaction
- Passionate
-Context Oriented


A long a diverse career


Successful organizations are built on a clearly defined ambitious strategy, implemented by a passionate management team through a well-designed organisational structure, right sized organisation which is empowered through roles, responsibilities and transparency – all driven by data and the interest to understand.


Built organizations which are positioned for success where each individual is the reason why.


 Built a profitable company from a carve out position where leadership process and skills where in shortage and a complexity of 6 European locations with different systems, master data, process and cultures.
 Developed and implemented a transformation strategy.
 Established a shared service Center in Estonia.
 Built a company culture with Teaming at the Center driven by Roles & Responsibility, Transparency, Empowerment and Passion.
 Head of Board in 3 subsidiaries.
 M&A experience.
 As COO lead the work of defining and implementing company infrastructure [Finance, Sales, IT].
 Directly Managed Customer Support, Service, Sales Operations, Marketing, IT and Master Data.
 B2B business experience: Hardware, Supplies, SaaS. Leasing, purchase, and subscription models.
 Solution oriented – “We got a man on the moon in -69”
 People oriented – “Azolver powered by you”.

Work experience

  CEO, Azolver Group [01.07.2020 – YTD]

 YoY Net Result Growth.
 YoY Opex Reduction.
 Growth in new business areas.
 Built a transformation strategy which consist of sub strategies for
    4 business units (Optimize, Transform & Growth]

 Grown shared Service Centre and developed an anchor model for
    Customer Support.

 Ensured that roles & responsibilities are clear, that the
    organizational structure is supporting the business and ensured
    empowerment by running a flat structure fueled by data/analyses
    presented through Jedox and/or Power BI.

 M&A processes from both buyer and seller side.

 Created a culture where the DNA of our company is Teaming and
    where the every conversation is about understanding as
     understanding leads to the right solutions being identified and is
     the foundation for successful implementation of strategies and
     operational changes.

COO, Azolver Group [01.02.2019 – 30.06.2020]

 Lead the process of ERP, CRM, Service, Web and Web shop
  system selection and implementation – within 6 months of
  establishing Azolver.

 Head of IT – designed and implemented 100% cloud 
  infrastructure – within 6 months of establishing Azolver.

 Head of Marketing – define name, brand and built 6 web pages
  and web shops - within 6 months of establishing Azolver.

Pitney Bowes Inc [01.02.2002 – 31.12.2019]

 “Inventor” of the Azolver shipping platform EdiPost.no
   [A disruptive business model]

 As Director of Postal Relations agreed with Norway Post to
  implement a lead process which has been the largest and highest
   quality lead program in Pitney Bowes Europe.

 Managed a Nordic Marketing Team.
 Implemented a digital contract platform for UK, FR and DE.
 Executed SME Global Primary and Secondary Research.
 Six Sigma Black Belt training.
 Built Nordic Customer Onboarding journeys as well as built and
  lead different customer survey programs (NPS, NSAT].

 Onboarded new digital solution in Nordics that became company
  wide solutions.

 KAM for 2 years before promoted to Director of Postal Relations – a strategic role reporting to Company CEO.
 Senior European Marketer building and managing the total EU
   Marketing budget as well as running demand

Generation Programs.

Pitney Bowes Inc [01.08.1989 – 31.12.2019]

 KAM Norway Post largest Retail Customer [budget
 As customer advocate built a case to establish the
first home delivery network in Norway Post.