Moving to Norway?
Buy your Norway real estate
in Norwegian gorgeous Telemark.. your home on it,
..and live in the heart of the Norway culture, Norway history and Norway traditions.

Norway real estate Telemark.

A once upon a lifetime opportunity.
Moving to Norway? Interested in immigration to Norway?
Believe it or not, this is a lifetime opportunity to get your Norway real estate, as close as possible to all what most people are associating Norway with; Norway culture, history of Norway, fishing in Norway, Norway fly fishing, foods of Norway, Norway landscape and Norway mountain, skiing in Norway, Telemark skiing, and finally; the heroes of Telemark. Telemark represents one of the main pictures of Norway and the soul of this country.

Read on.. ... and discover..
how to get your own Norway real estate, one of 4 plots in Nissedal; a site straight into the heart of Telemark, close to the nature of wilderness.

The real estate - plot.
According to inventories by archaeologists the land had been used by farmers since medieval times, and this real estate can easily be cultivated; you may grow vegetables, plant flowers or keep a horse.

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